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Haere mai, kumusta, mabuhay!


The Philippine Central Association, Inc. encourages the Filipinos residing in New Zealand to preserve our culture, heritage, values, and traditions by reaching out and helping Filipinos in need through engaging in regular activities and pro-active participation in the local communities.


Enriching the lives of Filipinos in New Zealand while preserving their culture, heritage, values, and tradition.

Together again at Pistang Pilipino 2022

This October’s Labour Weekend celebration of Pistang Pilipino 2022 is especially meaningful. With the cancellation of last year’s event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now ecstatic to be the host again this year.  This pandemic halted our activities, but still our connections with family and friends would never cease. This event will offer us a spirit of togetherness to create a healthy mind and spirit for Filipinos away from home.

Philippine Central Association – your host this year

Pistang Pilipino 2022 sa Palmerston North will be hosted by the Philippine Central Association, Inc. It has been especially designed to be a fun-filled three-day celebration from October 21 to 23. We as planners are very much excited to have it unfold for all of you.   

The PCA is deeply grateful to the people and organisations who have given their trust in our ability to organise this year’s festivities. We know that this genuine confidence is attributed to the success we have achieved in hosting the 1997 and 2006 Pistang Pilipino events. The strong combination of experience and resources to host a large-scale gathering of this kind has given us this wonderful opportunity to offer the Filipino community more.

Since our inception in 1991, we have been serving the interests and needs of Filipinos in the Manawatū-Whanganui region. It is therefore a great honour to be able to extend this service to Filipinos all over the country as we welcome you to Palmerston North. We are expecting this year to be a well-attended event, with about 3,000 to 5,000 people coming to Palmerston North to participate in cultural and numerous sports events.

Kita-kits sa Oktubre

This October, Pistang Pilipino will be a grand occasion for Filipinos to be together again since the pandemic began. To see each other, to hold each other’s hand, to hear three words said in the tone and mood of a Filipino accent that opens our genuine connection with one another:

Kamusta ka na?

It is the memory of this oneness that carries us throughout the year till the next festive occasion when we feel our Filipino hearts beat as one again.

Mabuhay and welcome to Palmerston North!

The heart of the Filipino always beats profusely when connected with one another. This is even more pronounced for us who are far away from our homeland. There is always unimaginable comfort and delight when we find ourselves in the company of fellow Filipinos. These emotions are so well expressed in a festive celebration we know as the fiesta. The accents, the rhythms, the colours, the movements, the tastes and sounds of a Filipino fiesta bring us back to our roots, reminding us that this communal feeling of oneness thrives.